Creating a new you? Make A Dazzling Smile The finishing Touch.

You work hard at looking great; you pay careful attention to your diet, exercise and your wardrobe. When it comes down to it though, your smile may be the most important thing that you wear when you really want to succeed in life. It’s one of the first things people notice when they meet you for the first time. Whether it’s at a job interview, a wedding or when you’re up for a job promotion, investing in your smile can have tremendous benefits.


What Can A Smile Makeover Change?

The short answer is: absolutely everything. You may have crooked, stained teeth or chipped teeth with gaps between them. Whatever it is, Smile by Design patients can transform their entire smile as a whole, not tooth-by-tooth. Treatments like teeth whitening will remove year’s worth of stain from your teeth, making you appear years younger. Invisalign orthodontics will correct tooth positioning, gaps, or crowded teeth without the use of traditional braces. Or, ask about our porcelain and cosmetic dental veneer treatments. Veneers provide possibly the most dramatic results of any type of cosmetic dental treatment available.


Will A Smile Makeover Pay Off?

Yes, definitely. Studies have shown that people who have more beautiful smiles are preferred over people who don’t. It could be a social setting where you’re trying to make new friends, or when you’re being considered for a job. In circumstances like these, people you meet are more likely to have a positive first impression of you if your smile looks great. Depending on the type of cosmetic dental treatment you choose, options like teeth whitening, Invisalign, and dental veneers will more than pay for themselves. You might even be surprised at how inexpensive some treatments can actually be.


How Long Does Cosmetic Dental Treatment Take?

Depending on route you decide to take, your treatment can take just one or two appointments or a few consultations scheduled over the course of several months. Long term options like Invisalign will take about a year to complete, with short appointments every six to eight weeks. Others like veneers or whitening provide instant results and can be completed relatively quickly. It’s all about your expectations, budget and the nature of your natural smile. Thanks to our pain-free dentistry options, many of our patients complete their smile makeover treatments in just one visit to our office. You’ll know exactly how much time will be needed after you complete an initial examination with Dr Tam.


Your First Steps To Wearing A New Smile

If you want the very best smile possible it’s important to entrust your cosmetic dental care to a specialist. Smile by Design has extensive experience in creating brand new smiles for our patients, using a combination of different therapy types. The first step you’ll take is to set up a private consultation with Dr Tam. He’ll discuss any concerns about your smile in detail and give practical suggestions to help it look better. You’ll be presented with the options to result in the most dramatic results. At the end of your first consultation, you’ll take away a detailed treatment plan so you’ll be prepared for what will come next and how much your dental care will cost at each stage.

Adding a beautiful smile to the way you look is one of the best things you can do for your image. You’ll look younger, healthier and happier wearing a straighter, whiter smile. We invite you to call us today to set up your image makeover consultation. Just a small step is all you need…let us do the rest!